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The CIA try to take out John Storm and the Elizabeth Swann



The CIA try to kill John Storm and sink the Elizabeth Swann and her crew. But Hal, linked to the CyberCore™ super-computer, hack NORAD and redirect the missile to Guantánamo Bay.




It is said that "Dead Men Tell No Tales," and mostly that is true. You cannot question a witness who has passed on, or get information from the lips of a person who has expired. But pirates were notorious for leaving clues and maps, that would lead to their buried treasures. Sometimes because they might forget the exact location, and often to be able to leave their acquired wealth to a loved one, or pass down the family.


They were also known for killing an old shipmate or crew member who might blab. Such as Billy Bones, getting the Black Spot from Blind Pew.


In the modern world governments assassinate whistleblowers, and defectors to silence criticism and hide their wrong doing. A great film series with this as the theme is the Bourne Identity franchise. Where the CIA's special opps executives are desperate to silence Jason Bourne.




In Disney's Pirate of the Caribbean series the 2017 swashbuckler was known as Pirates of the Caribbean: 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' in North America. But in the UK it went by the subtitle; 'Salazar's Revenge.'

Pirates of the Caribbean: 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' grossed $172 million in the United States and Canada, and $622 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $795 million, against an estimated production budget of $230 million.










People who are dead cannot tell secrets: I think they killed him because he knew too much, and might reveal secret information.


Treasure that is buried on an uninhabited and uncharted island, cannot be the subject of treasure trove laws. It is one of the safest methods of banking. But also somewhat inconvenient for making withdrawals. The way to protect that treasure is to hide it well, so that nobody can find it.


Gold and precious gemstones do not corrode or get mouldy when buried. Bank notes do, even the modern plastic type bio-degrade. That is the reason that we find Ancient Egyptian treasure so long after it has been buried with the Pharaohs. And it is as good today, as the day it was buried.






SKELETON ISLAND - Ahoy! Sam had better think of a good reason for the pirates to keep him alive, in his very first adventure! Join Sam Silver aboard the pirate ship Sea Wolf for a rip-roaring adventure on the high seas! Can Sam lead the crew to buried treasure, or will he be forced to walk the plank?

REVIEW 1 - Kudos to the author, this is a cracking little kids book. I read it to my son and he listened rapt as the story unfolded. It came as a pack of ten for a tenner from the Book People and has proved worth the money as he's ready for volume 2. It's an easy to follow story with plenty of room for character development in future books. The story is fairly simple, boy travels through time to a pirate ship and helps the crew find a long lost treasure. The enjoyment lies in the gradual unfolding of the plot and the distinctly different pirates on board the ship.


As an adult some of the plot twists were easy to spot coming but for a child, it was the perfect level of intrigue and danger without too many adult descriptions. The dialogue was realistic, the descriptions of the locations involved was superb. Back in my youth one of my first writing attempts was a pirate style novel. If only it had been half as good as this one I'd have been a child prodigy! This begs to be read out loud and doesn't take long to get through. The illustrations are enjoyable too, never overpowering the text. Reading it makes me want to give writing a pirate novel another go which my son at least is eager to read!


Downsides? The cast of pirates on the ship can be hard to follow, sometimes blurring into each other in the reader's head, not sure there needed to be so many characters onboard but maybe they'll come into their own as the series continues. The interactions with Sam's mother framing the beginning and end of the book seemed slightly jolting as did the references to vaguely indistinct computer games.

REVIEW 2 - Sam silver was playing football by himself on the beach and found a bottle which he intended to add to his collection.He ran to his mother and fathers fish and ship shop opened the bottle and read the note and looked at the gold doubloon spat and rubbed it in order to clean it and was whisked into a whirlpool and time traveled to the year 1706 and began an epic Quest to find his ancestor’s hidden treasure on a boat called the sea wolf. I was extremely fascinated when I read the book because of the way Sam had to lie to the rest of the crew in order to be one of them. I would recommend this book to people who like quests for unknown treasure. 






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