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The Panamanian Public Forces (Spanish: Fuerza Pública de la República de Panamá) are the national security forces of Panama. Panama is the second country in Latin America (the other being Costa Rica) to permanently abolish standing armies, with Panama retaining a small paramilitary security force. This came as a result of a U.S. invasion that overthrew a military dictatorship which ruled Panama from 1968 to 1989. The final military dictator, Manuel Noriega, had been belligerent toward the U.S. culminating in the killing of a U.S. Marine lieutenant and U.S. invasion ordered by U.S. President George H. W. Bush.

Panama maintains armed police and internal security forces, and small air and maritime forces. They are tasked with law enforcement and can perform limited military actions. Since 2010 they have reported to the Ministry of Public Security.


The National Aeronaval Service of Panama, also called SENAN (abbreviation for Spanish: Servicio Nacional Aeronaval), is a branch of the Panamanian Public Forces which is responsible for carrying out naval and air operations. Its role is to perform protection, surveillance, security and defense of the air and maritime jurisdictional areas. The service has approximately 2,500 personnel, with 45 boats and approximately 40 aircraft.

The SENAN is the result of a merger between the former National Maritime Service and the National Air Service of Panama in 2008. The unit was created as civilian police forces and component of the Public Forces attached to Ministry of Public Security, protect rights and freedoms of people, maintain public order, prevent and investigate crimes, and protect the air and maritime jurisdictional areas, thus contributing to public policy, humanitarian relief and facilitating an environment for development social and economic development of Panama.

According to the national law, the SENAN will act as a public security entity in the maritime, air, port and airport areas throughout the national territory.







The National Air and Naval Service of Panama (Servicio Nacional Aeronaval - SENAN) took delivery of four Interceptor 1102 vessels from Damen Shipyards Group. The Damen Interceptor 1102 is an extremely suitable choice of boat. Its low weight construction from fibre reinforced polymer composite materials is combined with twin Volvo D6 engines. Though GRP is a polluting material if not recycled responsible.

Damen Interceptors are a specialised type of craft, designed for ultra-high-speed interception and insertion missions, while also being capable and effective in a medium-speed patrolling role.

Speeds of around 55 knots can be achieved through the use of composite materials and a smart design of the hull structure.

Manoeuvrability is crucial as often the targets being chased down are very agile, such as small open boats with outboard engines. 










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