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One man has been guarding the existence of a parchment that contains clues to the location of Edward Teach's secret treasure trove on an Island in the Caribbean, said to be guarded by a macabre human spirit manifesting itself with a golden human skull. But the parchment is missing a vital code, to decipher the clues.





PLEASE NOTE: That books are written in a completely different way to screenplays, with scenes played out in a different order, typically with around half the number of pages to tell the same story for film.



PLOT: An earth tremor in Jamaica gains attention from Blue Shield and UNESCO, engaging John Storm to survey Port Royal, Jamaica, to investigate the archaeology of the sunken city as a potential World Heritage Site. John discovers an engraving lodged in a secret compartment, buried with the remains of Captain Henry Morgan's coffin, the pirate turned privateer, former Governor of Jamaica, who passed in 1688.


This news gets out (BBC Jill Bird - world service) and reaches England where Lord Huntington puts two and two together, realising that the engraving John Storm has found is likely the key to the parchment his family have been guarding since Blackbeard's death in 1718, 30 years earlier.


To complicate matters further, a cashiered US Navy Captain, William Gray, learns of these events, and joins Lord Huntington's party, introducing John Long and his cutthroats. The pirate party manage to board the Elizabeth Swann, while John and his crew are distracted, by stealing one of their ID passes, obtaining a picture of the wooden engraving. They then head to Skeleton (Skull) Island, with clearance from the Brazilian Navy, but also putting out a watching brief to prevent others.


Dodging the naval patrols of Cuba (US), Brazil and Mexico, John Storm manages to land on Skeleton (Skull) Island, braving the curse, aiming to catch up with Huntington's band...









Chapter 1 - Privateers taking a prize ship, led by Henry Morgan, burial Port Royal, earthquake & tsunami

Chapter 2 - Capture and beheading of Blackbeard, cursing Lt Maynard, search of the 'Adventure', no treasure

Chapter 3 - John Storm (JS) lecture on marine archaeology Mary Rose and Captain Kidd 
Chapter 4 - Admiralty endorse Lord Hunt’s mission: 'Hispaniola' secret destination. 
Chapter 5 - Hunt hires John Storm for expertise and Elizabeth Swan as portable lab. 
Chapter 6 - Secret destination revealed to JS as Crooked Island. (Count Monte Christo)
Chapter 7 - Provisioning and preparations 
Chapter 8 - John Longstride signs on with false credentials as cartographer. 
Chapter 9 - Cast off and across the Atlantic to Caribbean Sea, avoiding military
Chapter 10 - Satellite survey Island using latest technology. Pearl Cove; Ruby Mountains

Chapter 11 - 

Chapter 12 - SOS distress call and rescue young lad and sister (blue lagoon). Long takes shine to lad.
Chapter 13 - Landing on the Island past military – cannibal rituals evident. 
Chapter 14 - Lord Hunt gets caught with secret map previously undisclosed
Chapter 15 - Traitor J Longstride contacts gang to tell secret destination, steals treasure map.
Chapter 16 - Sky News: Curse mythical golden skull. Green & Charley
Chapter 17 - The group set up base camp in old stockade on island.
Chapter 18 - Lonstride’s gang moor their vessel and sneak up on the treasure seekers 
Chapter 19 - Gang sabotage the Swan, disabling communications and drive

Chapter 20 - Gang imprison Toffs group in stockade including the lad and his sister
Chapter 21 - Gang force Storm to decipher the treasure map, using hostage lever
Chapter 22 - Trek through jungle upriver into mountains to find the treasure
Chapter 23 - False alarm as they find WW2 airplane wreckage and skeletons
Chapter 24 - Cave with Gold Skull is shrine, 2 pirates die horribly (Indiana Jones) but treasure is taken to pirates ship. JS escapes
Chapter 25 - Pirate guards get increasingly restless, injure girl, stockade barricade
Chapter 26 - At Stockade John Long saves the lad from being murdered
Chapter 27 - JS is forced to makeshift repair to the Swan since Dan is also a captive
Chapter 28 - Storm does deal with Long in return for amnesty and Dan's release
Chapter 29 - Rescue of crew from remaining pirates, some die others escape island with Lord Hunt as hostage. Curse gets to pirates

Chapter 30 - Storm radios Green for US Navy support
Chapter 31 - Navy sinks pirate vessel, Lord Hunt and pirates rescued - with golden skull
Chapter 32 - Black beard’s treasure goes back to a watery grave
Chapter 33 - Honours from grateful Government and prize money
Chapter 34 - Gold Skull disappears in mysterious circumstances after handover
Chapter 35 - Thieves ship sinks in freak Bermuda weather with loss of hands and skull





STUDIO/AGENTS: The Foundation will be working on a draft script for Treasure Island in 2023.






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