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          Draft artwork, featuring John Storm and the Elizabeth Swann, in the search for Blackbeard's pirate gold



Development of the graphic novel artwork for 'Treasure Island - Blackbeard's Curse & Pirates Gold'




John Storm is the protagonist and main character in the 'Treasure Island' adventure.


John is around 35-40 years old during this present series. He keeps himself fit by swimming, He has a love of water and the sea.


When younger, he was keen on sports diving and rock climbing. His current interests center around conservation of species and renewable energy, such as solar and hydrogen powered transport, because of the perfect circularity. But he will always make the time to learn more of science and history, seeking to unravel the mysteries that still remain.


He is also an amateur anthropologist and a practical engineer, but he'd never let on - except when marveling at the technology built into the Elizabeth Swann, including solar power and a comprehensive underwater instrument array. This equipment is enhanced by the onboard AI, 'Hal,' more than a computer program, Hal is a valuable crew member.







Homo habilis, (Latin: “able man,” “handy man” "tool user") is an extinct species of human from the early Pleistocene, the most ancient representative of the human genus, Homo. Habilis inhabited parts of sub-Saharan East Africa from roughly 2.4 to 1.5 million years ago (mya). In 1959 and 1960 the first fossils were discovered at Olduvai Gorge in northern Tanzania. This discovery was a turning point in the science of paleoanthropology because the oldest previously known human fossils were Asian specimens of Homo erectus. Many features of Homo Habilis appear to be intermediate in terms of evolutionary development between the relatively primitive Australopithecus and the more-advanced Homo species such as Homo Sapiens.





John is almost obsessed with his DNA collection, all stored in his digital collection named 'The Ark,' onboard the Swann. The Ark's DNA archive is interactive, allowing Hal and John to near instantly assess a life-form, or using the CyberCore Genetica™ nano computer, allied to the CRISP delivery system, affect changed to an animal. Though, he is opposed to such meddling with nature, he was himself enhanced, not by choice, but can still appreciate the benefits.


John (sometimes Johnny to his very close friends) likes a challenge and gets the job done. He has a soft spot for the Ship's cat, Kitty.


John's uncle was Professor Douglas Storm. His uncle supported John in his ambitions and taught him a great deal, helping to prepare his nephew for the unexpected. Just the training he needed for getting to the bottom of the pirates that fascinated him through his childhood, leading him to an interest in ships and training in navigation.


He is famous for saving the giant humpback whale 'Kulo Luna,' followed by a close scrape with the rescue of Cleopatra from the clutches of an over zealous CIA.


John is an associate of Blue Shield, sometimes helping them out with subsea surveys. As such, he is keen on preserving history and archaeological evidence, that leads him to discover the grave and coffin of Henry Morgan, the famed privateer and former Governor of Jamaica.







AQUATIC ALLIES -  Kulo-Luna takes a shine to John Storm, after he bandages the giant humpback whale and saves her from sharks.












Admiral Sir (Captain) Henry Morgan

Privateer & Governor of Jamaica

Ark, The

The world's largest, most comprehensive interactive DNA database


A digital communication interface for the human brain


Edward Teach, privateer turned pirate, tortured & murdered

Captain Nemo

AI onboard computer system

Charley Temple

Researcher & camerwoman, good friend of John Storm

CyberCore Genetica

The world's smallest, fastest and most powerful nano supercomputer

Dan Hawk

Electronics & computer wizard, crew member Elizabeth Swann

Dr Roberta Treadstone

Blue Shield, Newcastle University, England

Elizabeth Swann

Fastest solar/hydrogen ship & floating laboratory

Excalibur, Pendragon & Merlin

Anti piracy weapon & ship security system

George Franks

Legal and intelligence trust manager, Swindles & Gentry


The onboard AI supercomputer ship manager

Jill Bird

Senior BBC news world service anchor

John Storm

Ocean adventurer, amateur anthropologist, & marine archaeologist

Katy, Kitty

The ships cat and lucky mascot

Professor Douglas Storm

John Storm's uncle, designer of Elizabeth Swann

Professor Jacques Pierre Daccord

UNESCO sunken realms division, conservationist

Sam Hollis

BBC & Sky freelance investigative reporter Caribbean regions

Scott Tremaine

Treasure hunting professional & ships captain

Shui Razor

Japanese privateer, ocean conservationist and historian

Sir Rodney Baskerville

Professor of Maritime History & oceanographer

Steve Green

Freelance reporter, friend of Charley Temple

Suki Hall

A marine biologist, admirer of John's work

Tom Hudson

Sky News Editor, always looking for an exclusive

Trisha Lippard

Cleopatra's call sign to protect her royal identity





Alexander Spotswood

Ambitious, (disgruntled) Governor of Virginia

Billy (Bones) One Eye

Pirate sailor, marksman ex marine SBS

Captain Flint

John Long's pet parrot, pieces of eight

Commander James William Maynard

British Royal Navy, MOD, Antiquities & Acquisitions, Special Ops

Hispaniola, The

Lord Huntington's converted Arctic survey vessel

Jack Boon (Black Jack)

Pirate computer expert hacker

King Charles II

British Empire colonial slave trader, commissioner of privateers

King James II

British Royal African Company, slave trader, colonial bloody triangle

Lieutenant Robert Maynard

British naval officer, HMS Pearl, who tortured Blackbeard

Lord James Huntington

Opportunist, British Geographical Society

Robin (John) Longstride

Pirate leader, bare knuckle fighter with silvery tongue

William Gray

Cashiered US Navy Captain, snitch & mastermind










John would never intentionally harm any marine life. Even sharks looking for their next meal. He is opposed to all forms of torture, aggression, and corruption. Especially where policies may be geared to pointless empire building, that fuels global warming. Hence, changes the chemistry of the ocean, such as acidity. He is a sustainability champion.


In another adventure, John rescues his friend Charley from a laboratory near Manaus, Brazil, in the process becoming DNA enhanced with a virus. This gives him extraordinary strength. In this same quest he rescues a replicant of the former queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, twice. During this mission, the conservationist couples his brain to a super nano-computer, so enhancing his thought power. Thus making him a worthy adversary to the toughest and most evil antagonists, endowing him with the power of telepathy.


By way of other tests of strength and skills, Storm, is allowed to compete in the Olympic Games, winning gold medals for swimming, running, weight lifting, table tennis, badminton and archery. He became known as "the fastest man on earth," after trouncing the field in the 100 meters. Shattering Usain Bolt's record. For his archery skills, he is dubbed a living Robin Hood.

After his first Olympic win, competing in table tennis singles, viewing numbers increased to watch him in the archery competition, scoring another notch on the belt, with his second gold. When John was competing in badminton, again the viewing numbers increased, reaching fever pitch when he shattered the world record for weight lifting. Then came his swimming freestyle gold, by which time the whole world tuned in to watch the men's 100 meter sprint. And again, John walked off with gold - making him headline news.

Having proved his point as to being a superior strain of the 'Homo Sapiens' species, John declines to accept the medals, thanking the Olympic Committee for their generous indulgence, then insisting that his medals are handed to the runners up, with each medal they have won, being bounced down the chain - his gold to the silver winner, and silver to the bronze medallist, with the first runner up receiving bronze. The competing athletes, Olympic Committee and watching public applaud his sense of fair play. For which he is dubbed "Maximus the Merciful." John publicly apologizes to Usain Bolt for temporarily taxing his sporting mantle. He is quoted in the media as saying: "That guy can run."






John Storm takes on a great white shark, fighting it off with a speargun



DANGER MAN -  John Storm is not a trained marine biologist, but is instinctively in tune with the underwater kingdom. He fires a warning shot at some great whites circling a wounded humpback whale that is caught in plastic ghost fishing nets. Making his mind up to lobby for tagging and recovery of discarded tackle.





 The Adventures of John Storm - Kulo Luna the $Billion Dollar Whale       Queen Cleopatra last Paraoh of Egypt - The Mummy       




Draft scripts for Kulo-Luna and Cleopatra The Mummy are published with 'Treasure Island' under development for 2024 release. The three films could be shot back to back - as a franchise - to make the most of the Elizabeth Swann. Screenplays available in Final Draft format for Studio executives, producers & directors.









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