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Trish Lippard is extremely analytical and a tough customer in a scrape. She poisoned herself in 30 BC as a tactical move to prevent Octavian from parading her in Rome, as her captive. A defiant gesture in adversity, in the belief that she would prevail in the afterlife. Her dreams came true.




Patricia Leopard (Trish Lippard) is the call sign, or code name for Cleopatra Philopator VII, the digitally reincarnated former queen of Ancient Egypt. Her new name was given to her by John Storm and Hal, to protect her identity and royal bloodline. This was after a lot of discussion, since Cleopatra had many pet leopards in her palaces, being rather fond of large and small feline Temple cats.


She is the world's first true time traveler. Having come from 30BCE, thrust into the 2030 decade some 2,060 years into the future.


She very much likes the Elizabeth Swann and crew, John Storm, Dan, Hal and Captain Nemo. She thinks they make a good team, especially with support from Charley Temple, George Franks and Steve Green.


Patricia is fascinated when she learns of the exploits of the pirate Captain Henry Morgan, using only sailing ships for transport, likening the colonial war between England and Spain, to her rub with Rome. When she discovers that Edward Teach was a privateer, working for the British, who turned pirate, and was then killed by a Royal Naval officer, she is even more convinced that history is repeating itself.


The reborn queen, likes solving puzzles. Especially, where treasure is concerned. She decides to try to help John, Charley and the history protector, Dr Roberta Treadstone (from Blue Shield) solve the mystery of the missing pirate horde. But sub-sea methods are all new to her, such as being able to breathe underwater. Cannons, gunpowder and submarines fascinate her. She is wary of missiles (giant explosive arrows), and thinks nuclear weapons should be banned from the planet.


As the Egyptian goddess, Isis, she was the protector of women and children, and healed the sick. She was one of the greatest goddesses of Ancient Egypt. In the modern world, she is going to need all of her powers to make her dreams come true. Now seeing how the modern world has developed, she wants to devote her life to doing good, saving the planet and wildlife. She realizes how lucky she is having a second chance at life.

Before her suicide, she considered herself to be Isis reborn. Goddess of the moon, life and magic, in Egyptian religion. Reborn into a new body, that description is not far from the truth. She is virtually unstoppable. A match for any athlete, and one the most advanced analytical minds on the planet. She is a born strategist.

She is a seductress with classical Middle Eastern looks, from mixed Greek origins. She is also extremely intelligent, DNA enhanced, in her replicant state, her thinking is ultra-fast in addition to being exceptionally strong, thanks to her gene manipulation.


Cleopatra has a soft spot for cats. She becomes very fond of Kitty, the ship's tabby, where her markings are reminiscent of the temple cats: Mau.







Fast forward 2,000 years, might come as a shock to anyone else. But the former queen of Egypt soon assimilates her new surroundings, mastering the technology, and enjoying a life of relative anonymity, as Trisha Lippard. A Leopard can change it's spots.











Admiral Sir (Captain) Henry Morgan

Privateer & Governor of Jamaica

Ark, The

The world's largest, most comprehensive interactive DNA database


A digital communication interface for the human brain


Edward Teach, privateer turned pirate, tortured & murdered

Captain Nemo

AI onboard computer system

Charley Temple

Researcher & camerwoman, good friend of John Storm

CyberCore Genetica

The world's smallest, fastest and most powerful nano supercomputer

Dan Hawk

Electronics & computer wizard, crew member Elizabeth Swann

Dr Roberta Treadstone

Blue Shield, Newcastle University, England

Elizabeth Swann

Fastest solar/hydrogen ship & floating laboratory

Excalibur, Pendragon & Merlin

Anti piracy weapon & ship security system

George Franks

Legal and intelligence trust manager, Swindles & Gentry


The onboard AI supercomputer ship manager

Jill Bird

Senior BBC news world service anchor

John Storm

Ocean adventurer, amateur anthropologist, & marine archaeologist

Katy, Kitty

The ships cat and lucky mascot

Professor Douglas Storm

John Storm's uncle, designer of Elizabeth Swann

Professor Jacques Pierre Daccord

UNESCO sunken realms division, conservationist

Sam Hollis

BBC & Sky freelance investigative reporter Caribbean regions

Scott Tremaine

Treasure hunting professional & ships captain

Shui Razor

Japanese privateer, ocean conservationist and historian

Sir Rodney Baskerville

Professor of Maritime History & oceanographer

Steve Green

Freelance reporter, friend of Charley Temple

Suki Hall

A marine biologist, admirer of John's work

Tom Hudson

Sky News Editor, always looking for an exclusive

Trisha Lippard

Cleopatra's call sign to protect her royal identity





Alexander Spotswood

Ambitious, (disgruntled) Governor of Virginia

Billy (Bones) One Eye

Pirate sailor, marksman ex marines SBS

Captain Flint

John Long's pet parrot, pieces of eight

Commander James William Maynard

British Royal Navy, MOD, Antiquities & Acquisitions, Special Ops

Hispaniola, The

Lord Huntington's converted Arctic survey vessel

Jack Boon (Black Jack)

Pirate computer expert hacker

King Charles II

British Empire colonial slave trader, commissioner of privateers

King James II

British Royal African Company, slave trader, colonial bloody triangle

Lieutenant Robert Maynard

British naval officer, HMS Pearl, who tortured Blackbeard

Lord James Huntington

Opportunist, British Geographical Society

Robin (John) Longstride

Pirate leader, bare knuckle fighter with silvery tongue

William Gray

Cashiered US Navy Captain, snitch & mastermind





In this adventure, Trisha is a crew member and strategist. She turns out to be a natural swimmer and excellent sub aqua diver. She is able to store and communicate information of the parchment, using her telepathic like communication abilities. Since she was chipped by Dan. Simply by using any blue tooth mobile phone in close proximity.




 The Adventures of John Storm - Kulo Luna the $Billion Dollar Whale       Queen Cleopatra last Paraoh of Egypt - The Mummy       




Draft scripts for Kulo-Luna and Cleopatra The Mummy are published with 'Treasure Island' under development for 2024 release. The three films could be shot back to back - as a franchise - to make the most of the Elizabeth Swann. Screenplays available in Final Draft format for Studio executives, producers & directors.






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