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The Last Supper, Jesus Christ and his Apostles



The Last Supper, a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The Cup of Christ is also known as the Holy Grail, after King Arthur and his Crusades. It has never been found, in all searches through the ages, though there are many claims.





The quest for the Holy Grail, the Cup of Christ, and the meaning of life is something we all think of at one time or another.


Many treasure seekers have searched for the mythical Holy Grail; the Cup of Christ, the Liahona, the all knowing guide, the answer to all our questions about the meaning and secrets of life.


More than a thousand years before the coming of Christ the Ancient Egyptian priests had decoded and recorded the secrets of nature, immortality and power, condensed in an intricate orb that was held to reveal all. The priests buried their knowledge with their great pharaoh Akhenaten for his journey into the afterlife, but the device was stolen from his tomb by raiders and though a Devine Compass cropped up in history, the secrets therein were lost in the sands of time for over 3000 years.

What secrets might be contained within the ancient device, held to be a fountain of youth, the world will only learn of depending on who recovers it, and if they wish to use that knowledge for good or evil.

With the power of the Holy Compass it is said the bearer may perform miracles, cure disease, and live forever through knowledge.


If that sounds familiar then you'll have some idea of what is in store for John Storm and his crew, as one of his philanthropic hunches turns into an epic cyber adventure.








Afterlife - Ancient Egyptian belief that life continues after death

Alethiometer - A magical horological like, instrument, that tells or shows the truth (in fiction)

Ancient Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs, pyramids, the River Nile, and sand

Apostles - Followers and preachers of Christian virtues

Ark of the Covenant - 

Artists - 

Artwork - Graphic novels

Australopithecus -

Baptism - To be Baptized

Bible, Holy - Name of the Christian Scriptures

Blood of Christ -

Book Chapters - Names of the novel divisions

Burials - Ceremonies and means by which humans are returned to the earth from whence they came

Charles Darwin - Author of The Origin of Species

Chivalric Order - Knighthood inspired by Catholic military Crusades

Christians - Believers in Jesus Christ, and generally good people

Christmas - The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ

Climate Change - The inescapable consequences of avarice

Cloning - Replicating a copy of a living thing

Compass - A navigation instrument, that points to magnetic north

Conspiracy Theories -

Cradle of Life - Where human life developed from early man to Homo Sapiens

Crusades - Religious wars

Cup of Jesus Christ - The cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper

Damnation - The fate of those who wrong others

Dan Brown

Death - The passing of a biological life form

Disciples - Followers of a faith

Devine Intervention

DNA - DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, a polymer of two polynucleotide chains that coil to form a double helix

Elizabeth Swann - An autonomous ship powered by the sun and hydrogen

Eternal Life - Life everlasting, the hope of many to live longer

Evolution - How life on earth develops and adapts by passing on genetic advantages

Father - Creator of Life

Films - Featuring these subjects

Genetics - The study of the codes of life

George Lucas - Indiana Jones

Glossary - Explanation of subject matter and abbreviations

Gods - Isis, Jehovah, Ra

Golden Compass - A guide to a life that points to a pure path for those worthy of the reading

Harrison Ford - American actor who played Indiana Jones, brilliant casting

Holy Grail -

Homo Sapiens - An advanced species of hominid

Humans - The only intelligent life form on earth at present

Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade

Jesus Christ -

Knights Templar -

Knowledge - Information gained of the world we inhabit, in a vast Universe

Leonardo Da Vinci

Life - The period from being born to dying

Mary Magdalene

Money - A source of evil

Moses - Let my people go

Navigation Instrument - A magnetic needle that points to the North Pole in a protective casing

Neanderthal Man - An extinct cousin

Olduvai Gorge - The geographical location where intelligence was born

Paleo Anthropology - The anthropological study of man's development

Pirates of the Caribbean - Compass that points to what you want most

Power - Corruption from abuses

Priory of Sion - Guardians of Christ's sacred bloodline (In fiction)

Procreation - A means to regenerate life

Quest - For knowledge

Reincarnation -

Religions -

Replicants - A reincarnation of a former human

Resurrection - Rising from the dean, a kind of reincarnation

Roman Catholics - 

Saints - Humans that did good deeds

Sarcophagus - A casket, or coffin used to intern humans

Screenplay - Acts of the John Storm adventure

Scripts - A document that sets out the making of a film

Supper, The Last - Jesus Christ and his disciples eating their last meal together

Tanzania - South-East Africa

The Ark - World's largest DNA base

The Cradle of Life -

The Da Vinci Code - Film adaptation of Dan Brown's novel, starring Tom Hanks

The Golden Compass - A children's fantasy film starring Dakota Blue Richards, Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig

Upanishads - Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit

Vatican -

Water - Support for all life on Earth

Wealth - 


Xmas - A abbreviation of Christmas

Yoga -












John Storm, the ocean adventurer is also an amateur Paleo Anthropologist, near obsessed with his DNA collection called 'The Ark,' that is safely embedded in his trusty ship, the Elizabeth Swann, protected by an armory of security measures, and the ever watchful Hal.


Having been injected with a super virus, John Storm became DNA enhanced like the Panamanian Running Man. Allied to his new strength the CyberCore Genetica™, turns him into the most digitally connected person in history.


His newfound abilities have not escaped the attention of military chiefs and wealthy patrons, including religious leaders, some of which were privy to his rescue of Cleopatra VII from Guantánamo Bay.


Following the discovery of Captain Henry Morgan's treasure, a legal battle royal ensues, where opposing claimants try to force John to reveal the location of the treasure trove. But John refuses to reveal the hiding place, because the claimant's various will not negotiate reasonably. Johns wins the case, being awarded all of the pirates bounty by the International Court, with the proviso that he donates any archaeologically pieces, to an appropriate museum. Something, John had suggested to the Court, by way of compromise. The verdict makes him a very wealthy philanthropist - and psuedo officer of the court, much to the delight of George Franks. When John only started out to survey Port Royal for Blue Shield. Franks is very helpful as an online Mackenzie Friend. 


The finding of the Court infuriates the CIA, MI6, and several mystery bidders, whose offers to purchase the life giving technology, are turned down. And now John is rich. But that is not the reason for refusal. There is no profit motive.


Ignoring President Linc Truman's order to leave John be, the military are bribed by the mystery bidders, to use their positions of great trust, to help them steal, what they cannot buy. Whereas, the military want the tech to be able to hack the computers of other nations, for superiority in times of aggression. Aimed at world domination.


John, Cleopatra, and the Swann become hard targets; capture or kill. With both enemies and friends in high places, life is complicated. Except for Hal, as a personal secretary, to deal with the administrative housekeeping.


The UN's World Health Organization enquire as to the possibility of adapting CyberCore™ with BioCore™ as a possible cure for cancer at the Vatican's request. The Pope is dying. John and crew, navigate to Rome at high speed. They analyze the Pontiff's DNA, devise a viral cure and inject the religious leader. The whole world watches. A week goes by with mixed reports, but the cancer regresses convincingly. The medical world goes crazy, some still skeptical. The Pope thanks 'doctor' John and 'nurse' Cleopatra.


The United Nations and NATO open dialogue as to peace keeping duties, using CyberCore. At which point another attempt is made to kidnap the duo. This time by the FSB, foiled in Jason Bourne style. China is working with Russia, by the back door.


Realising the importance of what they are have become the guardians of, John decides to hide the Ark and replication equipment. He decides on a Henry Morgan solution. Soon after, telling the world that the Swann is no longer the laboratory she was.


John needs all the help he can get from Hal, the Swann's onboard AI, and his crew, to thwart the dastardly plans of the wealthy antagonists and warmongers.
















Shipmates, use our A - Z to search for treasure. Or set course for HOME Yo, ho, ho me hearties 




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