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William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge



Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.



The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is a King in waiting as William V fifth of England - as of 2022. Preceding this event, 

the Prince of Wales, is currently the third King of England, named Charles, who would be Charles III.


The Duke of Cambridge is married to Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The royal couple have three children: Prince George Alexander Louis (8), Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana (6) and Prince Louis Arthur Charles (3).

Their maternal mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is presently the British Monarch, aged 95.

The previous King, Charles II, ruled from 1630 until 1685. He commissioned the former privateer, Henry Morgan, to unite the Caribbean pirates, knighting him Sir Henry in 1674.


The previous Queen Elizabeth I (Good Queen Bess), was famous for commissioning privateers to carry out acts of piracy on the high seas, to boost the coffers of her Treasury. As was Queen Anne.




William 1st, known as 'William the Conqueror'- he led the Norman invasion of England in 1066, which overthrew the Saxon monarchy of King Harold and led to William becoming crowned King of England. He reigned until his death in 1087, and is buried in Caen in his native France.

William II, who succeeded his father, William the Conqueror, reigned until he died in 1100. He extended Norman rule into parts of Scotland, but was less successful in conquering Wales. He is sometimes known as William Rufus, and is buried in Winchester Cathedral.

William III, also known as 'William of Orange' due to his descent from the Dutch Royal house of Orange-Nassau. He invaded England in 1688 which resulted in the ultimate deposition of James II, and reigned jointly with his wife Mary until her death in 1694, when he held the throne alone until his death in 1702. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.

William IV, who succeeded George IV as King when George died in 1820. George IV had no legitimate heir, and William was his younger brother so the throne passed directly to him. He reigned for 7 years until he died in 1837. Like his elder brother, he left no legitimate heir, so the throne passed to his neice, Queen Victoria. He is buried in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

William V, eventually, the present Prince William, will become king, and will be the fifth William on the throne of England, although this entirely depends upon whether the British monarchy survives that long. By that time both Wales and Scotland may have attained Independence. Scotland is at time of writing in favour of retaining the English monarch as Head of State, but Wales is not so inclined, so Charles or William might be King of England and Scotland only.

The present difficulty with Prince Andrew, is not helping the Royal cause, he, allegedly, being bailed out financially by Queen Elizabeth to the tune of some $10million dollars, even though such settlement was to head off a trial for a criminal offence - a conflict of interest for the Head of State, where perhaps, justice should be seen to be done. Nobody being above the law. The Queen is constrained as to politics, but everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. Such as financially enslaving her subjects with an almost total lack of affordable housing - and consistently failing to appoint a government to cure the ail. Thus, perpetuating a renting society, in denial of the UN's SDGs.


Neither is the lack of transparency in the justice system (no right of appeal), or selling off land to foreign investors without vetting the legitimacy of the money doing the Commonwealth any favors. Arguably, another form of piracy? Where legal loopholes have been left agape. But certainly a destabilizing influence concerning world peace, brought to the fore by the Russo-Ukraine war in 2022, where extreme wealth of the oligarchs was being courted, in effect encouraging the aggressors by acquiescence. A viable argument for renewed push for energy security (self-sufficiency), to prevent any nation hoarding wealth from fossil fuel sales, for empire building aspirations. All hail renewables, and bring them on at a greater pace. In the name of peace. Once more unto the breach, or close this wall with English dead!



The Prince of Wales, is currently the third King of England, named Charles III. His son, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is also a King in waiting as the Prince of Wales - as of 2022 as William V.

Their mother and grandmother, respectively, Queen Elizabeth II, is presently the British Monarch, aged 95.

The previous King, Charles II, ruled from 1630 until 1685, gave a Royal Charter to export captured native Africans as slaves to British colonies.


Queen Elizabeth I (Good Queen Bess), was famous for commissioning privateers to carry out acts of piracy on the high seas, to boost the coffers of her Treasury. As was Queen Anne 1665 - 1714. King George I carried on with privateers, then politics changed during his reign 1714 to 1727.


It appears that throughout history, and until Oliver Cromwell brought some semblance of transparency, the royals had been keen to profit by stealing from other nations, as what may be termed today; immoral earnings. If there were no time bar, these monies and other acquired assets, could be seized as proceeds of crime.


Extreme wealth in all its forms is a contributing factor to global warming, and a destabilizing factor, that leads to empire building, of which the ancient Egyptians and Myans, demonstrated many years before naval superiority became a deciding factor. Now of course it is air superiority, including missiles, etc.




Bellamy, Samuel - Black Sam (Captain)

Blackbeard - English Teach and the Queen Anne's Revenge

Bonny, Anne - Pirate

Drake, Sir Francis - Privateer

Edward England - Irish pirate, Edward Seegar

Golden Age of Piracy

Hawkins, John - Privateer

Hornigold, Benjamin - Privateer Captain

Jolly Roger - Pirate flag

Kidd, William - Captain Kidd, privateer/pirate

Morgan, Henry - Privateer, Sir Henry Governor of Jamaica

Pirates - Piracy and Privateers

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney's film

Port Royal -

Rackham, Jack - Calico Jack

Raleigh, Sir Walter - Privateers

Read, Mary - Pirate

Robert, Bartholomew - Black Bart, pirate

Robert Louis Stevenson

Samuel Bellamy - Black Sam, the pirate

Skull and Crossbones - Pirate flag

Tortuga -

Treasure - Maps to buried gold and jewels - Island

Vane, Charles - Pirate captain





 The Adventures of John Storm - Kulo Luna the $Billion Dollar Whale       Queen Cleopatra last Paraoh of Egypt - The Mummy       



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