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The Foundation will be working on a draft script for Treasure Island in 2023.






The original Treasure Island was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. He set the benchmark for pirates and treasure hunts based on a map. He inspired us to attempt a modern take on his classic, based on the interesting inconsistency, that nobody has yet discovered the whereabouts of Blackbeard's, or Henry Morgan's treasure troves, from their years of piracy on the high seas. That strange anomaly, coupled with the fact that pirates were known to hide their gold and silver stashes by burying in unmarked locations, leaving maps that only they could read. Leaves us to conclude that there is a substantial find to be made - even though our tale is fictional - something very close to this story, could well be true.


The movie industry then turned to animation to save the day. But even that seems not to have worked, judging by the box office of Treasure Planet. Though we all love the book and illustrated graphic novels. These do not incur the large risk investment in the film world.


Adaptations of Stevenson's classic Treasure Island were profitable until around 1960, after which the theme seems to have gone off the boil with public audiences, against today's stiff opposition from competing super heroes and other CGI films that younger audiences seem to favour. For that reason, the John Storm 'Treasure Island' is more of a modern day treasure hunt, where technology gets a look in, that R.L. could not possibly have imagined could ever become a reality.


But it is not all about the money. The movie industry needs new and original stories. It is a business that thrives on production, for streaming and for network television. Sometimes a story needs to be told, even if it might not be a blockbuster - just a jolly good entertaining yarn. For example, though not a true "Treasure Island" themed film, Fools Gold, with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, received negative reviews from critics but still grossed $111 million worldwide against a $70 million budget in 2008. We would class this movie as good fun entertainment, and very easy watching from time to time. Hence, though not generating 4 or 5 times the budget, it still made a fair profit. Whereas, another take of the "Treasure Hunting" theme; the 'National Treasure' franchise - made Box office $806,754,567 at the box office, for a budget of $230,000,000, spread over 2 films. Admittedly, with better scripting, and great casting.


But whether it is $41 million, (or $576 ÷ 2 =) $288 million dollars profit per movie. Both genres made money - entertained us - and kept all those artists and technicians doing what they do best.


With the John Storm franchise, three movies could be shot back to back from January 2024, when our Treasure Island screenplay (first draft) is aimed for. We have Kulo Luna complete, with Cleopatra The Mummy, from January 2023. So well worth a read, if you might be looking for a project package. Contact: Cleaner Ocean Foundation.



What is the best film version of Treasure Island to date? 



Treasure Island 1934 MGM -

Treasure Island 1950 RKO Walt Disney -

Treasure Island 1972 CCC Film & National General Pictures -
Treasure Island 1990 TV Movie -

Muppet Treasure Island 1996 -

Treasure Island (I) 1999 -

Treasure Planet 2002 Disney, animated -
Treasure Island 2007 Die Schatzinsel -

Treasure Island 2012 BSkyB TV 180 min Action, Adventure -

Treasure Island 2019-2023 Universal Studios & Mandeville -





Blackbeard's Ghost 1968 Disney Movie



Major Differences Between Versions

Each of these ten major adaptations of Treasure Island have their differences, as writers, directors, and actors all have to make decisions about their particular approach to the novel, its themes, and its resolutions.  The best film depends on your age and mood you are in when you are partaking of the moving light images. There will be purists, who want to see an adaptation word and picture perfect to the 1883 original, and those who want a modern take. Most of us enjoy a good animated film version of the classics.














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