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2007 Treasure Island





This is a German film adaptation of Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, Directed by Hansjörg Thurn.




A terrible storm is raging the night it all begins with a knock on the door. 17-year-old Jim Hawkins helps his widowed mother run their little tavern on the coast of 19th-century England. When the door is opened they are startled by a sight that makes their blood run cold. The figure standing there is covered in scars and has a strange, insane glint in his eye. In the days that follow the grizzled old sailor, Bill Bones, spends hours on end staring out to sea until the day a crazed blind man at the head of a murderous gang of pirates tracks down Bill Bones - and murders him. All for a scrap of paper.


Jim discovers to his amazement, but this scrap of paper is a map marking the location of fabulous buried treasure--gold, silver and jewels saved over the years by the ruthless, highly successful pirate, Captain Flint. It is hidden on a distant, mysterious island--and Jim manages to escape the furious pirates with the map.


Now the prospect of finding such fantastic wealth exerts a magic spell on all and sundry. Soon Jim is part of an expedition alongside long-legged Long John Silver to find the treasure. At first the sea journey is an unfamiliar new adventure for Jim although he is fascinated by the charismatic Long John Silver. He quickly discovers that the crew Silver recruited is made up of fierce pirates--rough-and-ready brutal bandits who have sailed the seven seas in search of booty.


The motley crew also includes 17-year-old Sheila, disguised as a ship's boy. The pretty young girl is pursuing the treasure for her own reasons: as Captain Flint's daughter, she believes that she alone is entitled to it, and she is prepared to go to any lengths to get the loot. But Jim Hawkins knows all too well that her life is worthless if Long John Silver and his men should discover her. As the Hispaniola sails on towards Treasure Island, Jim tries to gain Sheila's trust - to help her find the traces of her deceased father's life in the buried treasure.


Thus the thrilling adventure begins, and Jim is exposed to a range of terrible ordeals--starting with mutiny. When our heroes finally reach the mysterious island, they find ample evidence of Captain Flint's gruesome deeds, including a crazed shipmate who was abandoned there years ago and is now intent on violent revenge. As the tale of treachery and pirate treasure unfolds, Jim is forced to grow up quickly--or die. As he survives thrilling adventures by the skin of his teeth, his experiences help him become a man. But will he find the treasure? Will Sheila obtain her inheritance? And how many of them will leave Treasure Island alive?



François Goeske ... Jim Hawkins
Diane Willems ... Sheila O'Donnel (as Diane Siemons-Willems)
Tobias Moretti ... Long John Silver
Christian Redl ... Billy Bones
Aleksandar Jovanovic ... Dr. Livesey
Christian Tramitz ... John Trelawney
Jürgen Vogel ... Israel Hands
Silke Bodenbender ... Annabelle Hawkins
André Hennicke ... Ben Gunn
Richy Müller ... Black Dog
Jürgen Schornagel ... Captain Smollett
Wolfgang Michael ... Mr. Arrows
Daniel Bohn ... Abraham Gray
Gerd Langer ... Tom Redruth
Gotthard Lange ... Richard Joyce
Michael Gwisdek ... Der Blinde Pew
Torsten Hammann ... Job Anderson




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The Foundation aim to release a script for Treasure Island in 2023.






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