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When food shortages and the energy crisis really begins to bite, only gold, silver and gemstones will be worth anything, by way of savings and pensions. Banks who trade in real coin of the realm, are the only ones who will be trusted in the future. Coins could soon make a comeback. The good news is that countries do not need to mint their own. Anyone can produce a quarter ounce dollar, based on the value of gold itself, rather than what any nation says it is worth. We'd suggest that gold is index linked to food, timber and other essential commodities.




In days gone by they traded in real money based on solid gold and silver minted coins. Today, paper currency is based on worthless promises, made by governments (and the IMF) that are typically corrupt in some measure; political pirates, racking up staggering national debts, based on flawed policies. There are though some countries who are building up real wealth. Gold reserves as ingots and bars, that will be worth something when the digital/paper system collapses. Paper and digital currency is no better than Crypto currencies. Here today, gone tomorrow. Smarter individuals changed their promissory notes for something more tangible. Taking control of their lives back from banks and crooked politicians. Show us an honest one please? 


This move displeased Governments, who froze accounts and assets of many of those joining in the gold stampede, on realization of what politicians were doing to them. So to preserve the value of savings as pensions in later life. Many paper money dissidents were arrested and interrogated by state police - by way of terror tactics.


So it is that when John Storm discovers a long lost hoard of treasure, a number of nations are keen to get their grubby mitts on it. Adding John to their hit list. To add to their dwindling stockpiles, even though they still issue unsupported paper notes for all those yet to wake up to the economic facts of life. These are estimates as at 2023.

10. The Netherlands, with 612.4 tons of gold

The Netherlands takes the number 10 spot in the gold reserves rankings, with 612.45 tonnes of gold in its stocks. In October 2019, it was reported that the Dutch central bank would be transporting 14,000 gold bars, weighing a total of 175 tonnes, to a temporary location in Haarlem, before permanently moving them to the DNB Cash Centre in Zeist.

A similar convoy mission took place in October 2020 when armed guards, helicopters and forklifts came together to move 200 tonnes of gold from Amsterdam’s Dutch central bank to the same vault in Haarlem. The meticulously guarded shipment contained gold worth around €10 billion ($12bn/£8.7bn), along with around €4.5 billion ($5.4bn/£4bn) in bills. 67.4% accounts for gold in the Netherlands’ foreign reserves. The Dutch Central Bank recently announced that it would be moving its vaults from Amsterdam to Camp New Amsterdam. Its changes are due to the troublesome security measures of the location.





1. The United States of America, with 8,133.5 tons of gold
2. Germany, with 3,362.4 tons of gold
3. Italy, with 2,451.8 tons of gold
4. France, with 2,436.2 tons of gold
5. Russia, with 2,298.5 tons of gold
6. China, with 1,958.3 tons of gold
7. Switzerland, with 1,040 tons of gold
8. Japan, with 765.2 tons of gold
9. India, with 686.8 tons of gold.
10. The Netherlands, with 612.4 tons of gold




Any country that exports gold or has a huge gold reserve will inevitably experience a rise in its currency as the price of gold 
increases. This price rise of gold increases the trade or helps balance the trade deficit. It also leads to an increase in the country’s exports.

On the other side, if any country lacks gold in its reserves and is a massive importer of it, they have a weaker economy whenever the gold price increases.

In 2020, the top 10 countries traded more than one metric ton of gold, emphasizing just how important this metal is in the world economy.

According to the WGC (World Gold Council) data from April 2021, central banks bought about 273 tons of gold in 2020. International Monetary Fund is not a country; thus, it is not included in the list. However, if it were, it would be in the third position with 2,814 tons of gold in its safe.


The best known golden treasures are Doubloons, Guineas and Sovereigns. Other forms of transportable money are diamonds, rubies and emeralds. It's difficult to trade with old bars or ingots. Not so difficult to trade half sovereigns or silver pieces of eight. Anyone can produce their own gold coins. We'd suggest smaller denominations in silver, and larger in gold. Just like Paypal, it would need people to accept a new means of monetary transfer. People would have to have a $gold dollar account, to transfer real gold value, to another account. For that, you'd need an International Gold Depository, not controlled by any nation, but set up as a not for profit organization. With deposits held in each country in bank vaults, where citizens are participating. Hence, going back to the real reason for having banks and safes, or vaults. Citizens could demand to be paid in golden dollars.







Treasure Island was written by Robert Louis Stevenson, becoming an instant hit, popular with children and adults, the subject of many films and graphic novels.







STORM BY NAME, STORMY BY NATURE - Only two people knew where Henry Morgan's golden hoard was stashed, and they are both in Davy Jones Locker. Blackbeard was tortured by a British officer, trying to extract the secret, Henry Morgan died of a heart attack in Jamaica. John Storm discovers the location, but refuses to tell, even in the International Court, where Haigue prosecutors try every trick in the book to make him talk.








Dig for treasure with our A - Z or set a course for HOME me hearties



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