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Captain Henry Morgan sacked Panama in 1671, taking the Aztec gold stolen by the Spanish , to a secret destination, to avoid paying the British their percentage as a privateer



TREASURE ISLAND, BLACKBEARD'S CURSE AND MORGAN'S GOLD - Captain Henry Morgan sacked Spanish held Panama in 1671, taking the gold stolen from the Aztecs, and loading it onto his ships. After which his treasure ships just vanished. Henry did not want to pay the British a share of this haul as a privateer. He was arrested shortly afterward, facing the death penalty, but remained tight lipped. He was later released and knighted. Because he was too useful to England, who needed the former pirate to exert influence in the Caribbean. This is where John Storm's adventure begins. In the mists of the golden age of piracy.



Edward Teach, the pirate Blackbeard, fights with Robert Maynard aboard the Endeavour, at the Battle of Ocracoke in 1718  John Storm finds the tomb of Captain Henry Morgan at the sunken city of Port Royal, together with a clue as to his hidden treasure



[LEFT] Edward Teach and Lt Robert Maynard grapple with each other at the Battle of Ocracoke. Blackbeard takes the secret location of Morgan's treasure ship with him to the grave. Famously cursing Maynard and his descendants, before being beheaded. [RIGHT] John Storm finds the tomb of Captain Henry Morgan at the sunken city of Port Royal, and a clue as to his hidden treasure. It's the find of the century. Every boy's dream come true. 




The most swashbuckling adventure in the John Storm ocean adventure franchise, 'Treasure Island,' is to be developed as a (1st draft) screenplay, and full graphic novel series, aiming for 2025, funding dependent.







That is helpful. We really wanted to know, as a guide, what the cost of a live action version of 'Blackbeard's Curse and Pirates Gold' might be. If the actors were not 'A' list, like Johnny Depp, but nevertheless capable. And where the director and producers were also capable and suitably qualified, but not household names. This would be for something like a 100 minute production, widescreen, perhaps to be released direct to DVD and Network downloads?  Hi Bard. We were wondering if you could assist us a bit more with how much it might cost to produce a budget animation version of the John Storm adventure 'Treasure Island - Blackbeard's Curse and Pirates Gold' using VFX and CGI, in a way that would appeal to potential investors. Perhaps, compared to a live action film, that might also benefit from VFX?



The privateer, Captain Henry Morgan, died in August, 1688 at Lawrencefield in Jamaica. He was entombed in Port Royal. Then on June 7, 1692, a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami submerged the city of Port Royal. Morgan along with it.


In 1716 the veteran mercenary, English Teach (Blackbeard) was declared a pirate again, having once been pardoned. He was famous for his thick black beard and fearsome features which terrified sailors when they were being boarded. He lay in wait for ships plying passage to the east coast of the American colonies, North Carolina, blockading Charlestown, thus caught in a trap he mercilessly sacked those merchants for their cargoes rich in gold, jewels and other priceless artifacts.

Teach soon amassed a fortune in treasure aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, a 40 cannon French built merchant ship, stashing his booty secretly in the Caribbean Islands, and grounding the 'Revenge' off Beaufort. Then on the 22nd of November 1718 a British naval taskforce led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard of HMS Pearl, captured and beheaded the troublesome pirate after a bloody swordfight onboard the 'Adventure,' but his treasure trove was never found, just 2,200 worth of sugar, cocoa and cotton.




The treasure map, Robert Maynard handed down to Lord Huntington, showing where Captain Henrgy Morgan hid his Aztec gold




It was though known that he had plundered royal transports and acquired many chests full of gold and the rarest gemstones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The US and UK governors were baffled - but they'd killed the only man who could tell them where his fortune was hidden. As he died, Blackbeard cursed the naval officer and his crew, and their generations to come. Telling that nobody but himself and the Devil knew the whereabouts of his hidden stash, but that even if they did decipher the codes to locate it, they'd not live to enjoy their treasure trove for very long. For dead men tell no tales.


Some three-hundred and twenty years later, give or take, another Caribbean quake shakes loose clues as to the submerging of Port Royal, with Blue Shield and UNESCO keen to protect any recoverable artifacts. 


John Storm is called in to survey, with additional behind the scenes effort from Lord Huntington, of the British Geographical Society, all adding to the request for his underwater archaeological expertise to assist at Jamaica. With the discovery of Henry Morgan's coffin, clues surface as to the possible whereabouts of Teach's buried treasure.


Meanwhile, a former US Navy Captain, William Gray, learns of the subsea expedition, and discovers that Huntington is more than a little interested, so introduced John Long and his band of cutthroats to deal themselves into the game, set against a background of military patrols, as tensions between Columbia, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba, to add to the intrigue.


The hunt is on for the long lost treasure. New technology taking on an old pirate puzzle, but the game remains the same. No matter the clock has fast-forwarded 300 years. There is still foul play afoot to gratify many a Robert Louis Stevenson fan. Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum. Read what the AI Chatbots have to say about this adventure so far.




 John Storm discovers Henry Morgans pirate treasure ship.    The ghosts of Henry Morgan and Blackbeard, toast John Storm fnding the treasure ship.



[LEFT] Every boy's dream come true. John Storm finds one of Henry Morgan's treasure ships. It is laden with Aztec gold. The law on treasure trove is strict. John decides not to touch any of the treasure. But is charged with stealing the haul, anyway [RIGHT] The ghostly spirits of Captain Henry Morgan, and Blackbeard, share a toast in Davey Jones locker, when John Storm finds the treasure ship, they tried so hard to prevent falling into the wrong hands. They approve of Commander Storm, not any fallen Empire. And they were right to think so, as you will discover, as the story unfolds.












GRAPHIC NOVEL ARTWORK - John Storm has heard many a sailor's yarn of Blackbeard's treasure, said to have been buried on Londoner's Island, the Virginia Beach sand dunes, and Plum Point and Blackbeard Island, among many other supposed locations, without any facts to support such theories. But, who does not enjoy a spooky sea tale? Imagine then his surprise, when confronted by the bones of Henry Morgan, he finds a secret compartment in the old sea dog's coffin, containing genuine clues in the form of a wooden carving. Analysis aboard the good ship Elizabeth Swann, confirms authenticity, and reveals much more.


One man has been guarding the existence of a parchment that contains clues to the location of Edward Teach's secret treasure trove on an Island in the Caribbean, said to be guarded by a macabre human spirit manifesting itself with a golden human skull. News of Storm's find triggers a treasure hunt.




B l a c k b e a r d ' s  C u r s e  and  P i r a t e ' s  G o l d




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